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John Ricketts a.k.a. SONAS

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York, United Kingdom

album artwork
CD mockup design
CD mockup design

all tracks written, produced, mixed and mastered by John Ricketts. 
cover artwork by John Ricketts. 
visual identity by Kanishka Rohira 
© SONAS | ℗ reset networks

producer, composer John Ricketts, 
aka SONAS uses elements of ambient and classical with techno and progressive house music to create an emotional and reflective soundtrack. 

based in York, UK a sound of two halves, with punchy techno at one end, and delicate, reflective electronica at the other. 

following on from his debut album “Credence” in 2020, 'midnight state' sees SONAS draw upon those same influences as before and build on them in terms of musicality and scope. 

intimate, organic ambient sounds are skillfully combined with forward thinking electronica (tracks like 'solaris 1', 'part 1'), whilst cinematic string sections as well as entire orchestras are used to take the listener on a soaring journey (tracks like 'midnight state', 'ceder'), acting as the score to a film that hasn’t been made yet.

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