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reset [live] will continue to highlight exploratory and experimental music, while engaging with the rapidly changing social conditions of contemporary culture.

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Josua Karlson (Leipzig, Germany)

he was exposed to sacred, hypnotic music from early childhood because of his upbringing in a religious family. during his schooling he got trained in classical music but soon after he had undergone an abrupt change as a teenager, leaning more towards experimental music. having played in a few bands and projects, he decided to dedicate his time to electronic music.

due to his work as an horticulturist and fascination for mysticism, his compositions are highly influenced by nature, ethereal worlds & dreamscapes.

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josua karlson
Masaaki H. (Niigata City, Japan)

Masaaki Haga, born in 1981 in Kita-ku, Niigata City, is an electronic music artist who was exposed to music from a young age due to his father's influence as a guitar instructor. he began playing piano and various string instruments since early childhood, and started a band when he was a high school student. 
however, his interests eventually led him to become a club DJ. although later he found comfort in composing music, exploring and learning about various drum sequencers, samplers, synthesisers. 

Masaaki H.'s music is characterized by original sounds which is created by collaging various sound artifacts including those from nature, soundscapes and samples. he later uses sound programming technqiues to create a distinct soundscape, which is centred on electronic ambient music. his music also explores new expressions and world views, making it stand out from the rest. he is always experimenting and pushing the boundaries of electronic music, which gives his music a distinct character. 

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masaaki h
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