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​reset is an experimental culture driven brand with it's goal to constantly drive innovation and inspire, thus helping to lead and define the progression of electronic ambient music culture. 

as a startup recognised & certified by the Department For promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) under the #startupindia scheme, RESET NETWORKS (OPC), a private limited company is an early stage platform for new developments in music technology.

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​featuring artists across the world focussing predominantly on crossover ambient & experimental styles since 2020

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our platform adopts a community-based approach, fostering connections between fans and artists, resulting in an amplified fan-to-artist exposure ratio. through artist management and promotions, we strive to amplify the reach and impact of musicians. our vision is to create a sustainable music creator economy, nurturing a thriving ecosystem of products and solutions in the realm of music, art & technology

what we do

the spoken form is in fact a very restrained representation of what is possible in the musical language.


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demo policy

-we're open to accept submissions of all music that falls into instrumental and/or experimental fields, but our emphasis is on the instrumental. 

-high priority will be assigned to submissions received from film music composers, sound designers or anyone actively pursuing orchestral, classical music.

-download/streaming link: please share a downloadable or private streamable digital copy (Soundcloud, Bandcamp) of EPs/albums via email:

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Florence Meuleman

Public Relations, Artists and Repertoire

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Kunal Sharma

Web Developer Associate

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Joshua Gardner

Ex: Acoustic Engineer and Software Developer Associate

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Cristian Martinez

​Ex: Acoustic Engineer and Software Developer Associate

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Kanishka Rohira

Graphic Designer

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Sneha Jain

Ex: Social Media and Communications Manager

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Shaun Ferreira

Web Designer

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the team

at the heart of reset networks is a passionate and dedicated team that brings together their unique talents, expertise, and love for music.

committed to creating an exceptional platform for artists, listeners, and industry professionals alike, our team works tirelessly to curate a dynamic and inclusive musical community.

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established in the year 2020 as a record label on bandcamp


record label, physical format releases & audio visual events


record label & physical format release & live audio visual events


exploring audio streaming platform (beta release) & development of perceptual audio codec using Matlab 

yearly timeline

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