Frequently asked questions

Here are a few helpful tips about reset. If you don't find what you're looking for, you are always welcome to contact us.

what is reset audio streaming platform?

reset is an on-demand streaming application. you pay a monthly fee, and you can listen to a huge catalog of ambient music, along on your computer or phone (later this year), with an insight of the artist behind the song and the story of it

how do I get a listener account ?

starting now

register here, and start your free trial

all content access price monthly: $5.99

(Free Trial 14 Day / Month)

how do I get an artist (label) account ?

starting later this year

we love to hear new music. web application will be launched soon. once it is ready, our new artist dashboard will put the upload process under your control. for now, our team will upload your music for you. to submit music, complete your artist profile, form and then follow the guidance on the submitting upload page

what are entry requirements?

our guideline is avalailable HERE

how does reset payouts work?

fans can now directly support their favorite streamed artists through Direct Artist Payouts. our revenue is paid out in the form of royalties. based on publicly available information, we estimate that our stream rates are significantly higher than the prevalent rates of the major streaming providers. with the reset user-centric payment model, you can explore new music and reward your favorite artists without being interrupted by transactions, advertisements, or paywalls.