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as a startup recognized & certified by the Department For Promotion of Industry And Internal Trade (DPIIT), under the #startupindia 

scheme, reset networks (OPC) private limited is an early stage platform for new developments in mixed media electronic and digital art forms. 

while delivering exceptional artistic quality and striving for interdisciplinary innovation; we are a hub for an international network of creators, curators and collaborators. 

our team of artists and collaborators are spread throughout the world across different time zones. having a diversified background and distributed culture drives relentless creativity. 


ensuring that each one of us has the flexibility and independence is the key in developing sustainable and  fostering long-term commitments.

[behind the scenes] the radiant tower by Noah Rosa

one-stop video processing software: VideoProc

-check out: sound design: everything you need to know (article)


-reset networks is a small organization and as an collaborator you will be an integral member of the team

-you know how to get things done and can work independently as well as maintain all round consistency and communication with other team members;

-you have an affinity towards art, music, science and technology; 

-you write and speak fluent english with an ability to simply and clearly express ideas;

-you are expected to be flexible as per project requirements;

-ability to effectively contribute in fast paced, constantly changing, multitasking environment;

-might require to undergo additional training as per the role requirements, which will be covered for;

[behind the scenes] the radiant tower by Noah Rosa

one-stop video processing software: VideoProc

-check out: sound design: everything you need to know (article)


15-20 hours/week [India]

Social Media Manager

-strategic and having a birds-eye-view of latest trends in social medias while having best practices in order to drive organic and dynamic growth;

-content management, scheduling & planning for social media, websites and newsletters;

-ability to draft emails; make business enquires, requesting quotes & files, follow ups, deadline oriented and other email communications as per requirement;

-overall management between other team members and networking, participate in board meetings with entire roster of artist;

-ability to run social campaigns and promotions; thorough and adept at Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube;

-familiarity with WIX environment is an advantage;

15-20 hours/week [remote/global]

Digital Signal Processing / Acoustic Engineer

having eclectic ears and a critical listening experience;

-good understanding of acoustic principles;

-thorough experience with audio signal prototyping tools, e.g. Max/MspPure Data;

-familiar with audio analysis principles, in both time and frequency domain;

-strong theoretical and experimental background in acoustics; 

-good overall comprehension of audio signal processing algorithms (EQ, Reverb, Dynamic Range Compression);

-proficiency in additional softwares and languages will be considered a plus (CsoundSuperColliderMatlab or C++ or equivalent);

-ability to learn new skills , languages, softwares and evolve over time as the situation calls for; 

-at this position you'll be developing new concepts, foster new ideas and see them take shape;

10-15 hours/week [global/India]

Video Editor & Designer

-craft quality and visually appealing content for various  purposes across the entire reset networks multi channel platform; 

-ensure an all-around consistency of the visual theme;

-ability to collaborate with other designers and sound artists as per project  requirements; 

-brainstorming, developing and implementation of new ideas; 

-it is expected to combine creativity with an awareness of design elements;

-passionate and always striving to deliver simple, intuitive and user-centric solutions by conducting user research; 

-thorough experience with video editing softwares and tools such as Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, TouchDesigner/Resolume and other equivalents

-adept at social media formats and layouts (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube);

-having a familiarity or a previous background in the field of generative art & generative design will be considered a plus; 

10-15 hours/week [global/India]

Web Developer & Designer

-conceptualising creative ideas. 

-testing and improving site design. 

-establishing design guidelines, standards, and best practices.

-designing visual imagery for websites and ensuring that they are in line with branding for clients. 

-ability to work with different content management systems.

-incorporating functionalities and features into website. 

-preparing design plans and presenting the website structure. 

-expertise in WIX and EditorX environment is mandatory

10-15 hours/week [global/India]

Graphic Designer

-craft quality and visually appealing artwork for various purposes across the entire reset networks multi-channel platform;

-ensure all-around consistency of the visual theme and ethos (style, fonts, images and tone);

-ability to collaborate with other designers and editors as per project requirements;

-brainstorming, developing and implementing of new ideas;

it is expected to combine creativity with an awareness of design elements;

-passionate and always striving to deliver simple, intuitive, and user-centric solutions by conducting user research;

-through experience with graphic design software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign;

-adapt at social media layouts (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube);

-having a familiarity with WIX environment, HTML5 and UX/UI background will be considered a plus;

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thank you so much for considering a career with us. it is important and pivotal to ensure that you're aligned with the required expertise in various areas as per the role.

the finalized candidates who fulfill the skills and experience outlined in the role will be conducted an initial interview in order to assess what it's like to work together.

if all goes well, we'll be moving directly to an offer and agreement contract. upon signing of the contract, trials will be conducted and you get a little closer look and deeper insights at our strategy and business. most importantly you will get a sense and feel of the day to day operations and feel welcomed.

we'll further align expectations and assist with other necessary requirements to get you up and running. all things will be clearly communicated from the start.


motivational statement alongside portfolio/links/CV will be required for collaborators. kindly drop us a line at and mention the role in the application;

all of our other collaborators and artists is passionate about art, music, science & technology; coming from various backgrounds of interdisciplinary sound artsound design or an equivalent field, if instead you've followed a different path to any of the currently listed openings, it'd still be exciting & great to hear from you;

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Thanks for applying!

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