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born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1972, Ulises Labaronnie is a composer, performer, visual artist & music educator. 

since 1995, he has been an active participant and contributor in the world of sound experimentation. his creative journey has led him to cultivate a distinctive style, blending various genres of electronic music with elements of ethnic, classical and contemporary music. his compositions delve into intricate sonic landscapes, making extensive use of synthesizers and samplers. artistic vision draws profound inspiration from the beauty of nature, the mysteries of space sciences, and a rich tapestry of mythologies. 

his artistic exploration is a quest to fuse environments, sequences, and experimental interludes, all underscored by a profound sense of harmony and melody. 

additionally, he makes music for films, TV, video games, plays and installations, he also performed at national and international Festivals, including Cite Internationale Des Arts, Paris, France, The Rose Garden of Palermo for the City Planetarium, Palais de Glacé, Tecnopolis, Solar Eclipse 2019, International Conference on Scientific Dissemination in Astronomy & National Fund for Arts.

Ulises Labaronnie

Buenos Aires, Argentina

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