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TyBO (Tokyo Bedroom Orchestra/Hiro Nakamura) is a sound artist and music producer based in Japan, with a focus on ambient soundscapes. TyBO creates immersive and atmospheric music using a unique blend of effects pedals, synths, and tapes. 
drawing inspiration from a wide range of musical genres and artists, TyBO's music is able to transport listeners to otherworldly landscapes filled with ethereal textures and dreamlike melodies. 

through the use of innovative sound design and an experimental approach to production, TyBO has carved out a distinct and highly acclaimed niche within the ambient music scene. 
with a growing fan base, TyBO has established himself as a highly respected and influential figure within the world of experimental music & ambient music, whether performing live or in the studio, TyBO's music is a testament to his unique vision and uncompromising dedication to well crafted sounds



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