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Julian Gomez

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location: Mexico City, Mexico

Julian Gomez (AR. 1973) Composer, experimental musician and audiovisual artist. 
With a great interest in the relationship between ambient sound, the passage of time and how we perceive it in relation to the environment, it creates a sound framed in the sounds of ambient, drone, noise, spectral music, minimalism and music. experimental electronics. 
His first instruments were 3 recorders, 2 microphones and a small and rudimentary system for cutting and pasting tapes inherited from his father, who worked on radio stations as an editor and musician. 
It uses analog, digital synthesizers, samplers, and audio editing software, processes acoustic instruments, and makes extensive use of field recordings. 
His artistic production includes compositions of electronic music, electroacoustic and audiovisual performance. 
It is currently presented in A / V format with material that runs through its three albums, ep's and music not yet released, in 2.0 and 5.1 mode. 
He gives workshops on sound art, field recordings and electronic composition. 


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