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Fabio Volpi

Fabio Volpi.jpg

location: Milan, Italy

Fabio Volpi (a.k.a. dies_) formed at first as a visual graphic and then started to study architecture in Milan and at the University epfl of Lausanne in Switzerland, and obtaining his degree in 1998. 

From 2001, he became member of otolab collective, participating in the creation of multimedia events that will be performed live in Milan, Rome, Bologna, Brussels, Paris, Mexico City, Oslo, Berlin, Toulouse, Tunis and Montreal.

In 2003 he found Echran, an electronic-experimental noise band, and record 2 albums “echran”(ebria records) and “in offret” for the label a Silent Place. As member of the duo AU+ (electro/ jazz/industrial) has released “ emily” 4 tracks tape version for minimal trends records (2014) and the cd from Mars to NY for Frequenza records (2015).

In 2008, he worked out graphics and visuals for multimedia performances of contemporary music ensemble “sincronie“, performed live in Jakarta and Bali in Indonesia.

Since 2008 he started to teach representation theory and sound design at CFP Bauer in Milan.

In 2010, at the gallery Fabbrica Borroni, showed his paintings generated from live media performance “Les Champs Magnétiques”, winning the international competition “Celeste Prize” in Berlin.

The teaching activities at the cfp Bauer, N.A.B.A. and Rufa academy are integrated with media artistic creations as "Dies_" stage name.

Since 2012 is involved in materia sonica (sonic matter) and Monoc contemporary music collective , Artchipel orchestra, Vox Aurea orchestra and projection mapping live performances.

In 2019, is awarded with first prize of video mapping international contest in Kiev.