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Anandit Sachdev ( @antarikshrecords ) is a sound artist, DJ and an electronic music producer based out of Delhi, India. He started his career as a DJ in Berlin, Germany in 2015 where held a promising portfolio for two years playing with various artist collectives.

During this time, he held a year-long residency as a DJ at Scandale Locale Le Fatale, Germany and has since performed in clubs, both in Germany and India. In 2018, he represented the Voidance Records (Berlin) roster briefly as a vinyl + digital DJ.

After his return to India in 2018, he launched Antariksh Records - a record label aimed at the propagation and curation of quality dance music in the South Asian subcontinent. Currently, Anandit is the event curator at Pagal Record Store in Delhi, India, and heads 'Sounds.' an Antariksh Records IP dedicated to exploring alternate engagements and immersive experiences centered around electronic music.

Along with this, Anandit develops pedagogies to experience and engage with light and sound in the built environment.

Anandit Sachdev

Delhi, India

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