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Born in early childhood in Zugdidi (a city in Georgia), he now lives in Batumi (a city in Georgia). He is fascinated by various fields of art. He was a theater actor at the age of 8-15, and at the age of 15 he had his own troupe, where he was a director and staged several plays until he was 19 years old.


During this period he also painted, sculpted and listened to music. His father is a vinyl player and vinyl has always had a big impact on his musical tastes, especially Pink Floyd, Jean Michael Jarre and some nature records.

He started producing music in 2011 and in 2017 created his project "Adhil Moorish" with his official debut on the British label Øbskure, where the track Backwards hit the S.V.R.A LP collection. Its second edition was on the same label and in 2018 it released on the French label Red Rec as Vinyl + Bonus Track.

Adhil Moorish

Tbilisi, Georgia

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