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artist friendly agreements, we act as publisher on behalf of the artist to promote releases for wider reach.

audio-visual events

we introduced reset [live] as a concert experience, with the aim to showcase new-age contemporary performances for deep listeners and music enthusiasts as well as a more accessible event that may instigate nascent talents.

tangible products

our vision is to create a sustainable music creator economy, nurturing a thriving ecosystem of products and solutions in the realm of music, art & technology.

latest releases


Performances I

Robinson's Village is an ambient musician from Nottingham, now based in London. His music is characterised by the use of obscure samples, cassette tapes loops, and modular synthesizers to create a sound that is both nostalgic and experimental.

by Robinson's Village

Sud Ambient Sessions

his artistic exploration is a quest to fuse environments, sequences, and experimental interludes, all underscored by a profound sense of harmony and melody.

by Ulises Labaronnie


Ushara's work blends classical training with innovative exploration of the Church Organ to achieve avant-garde compositions inspired by Pauline Olivero's deep listening practices.


Her work explores unique intonations and microtonal effects in an unconventional manner to journey through otherworldly textures and sonic landscapes.

by Ushara

​physical format



the second studio album 'hexenstunde' is a journey into the dark realms of the mind. a sonic moodboard or a movie?

carbon FM​

Nariel is a Belgian electronic producer. strange melodies, broken beats and large explosive basses are what characterises his sound.

​by Nariel

Masaaki H.

​Masaaki H.'s music is characterized by original sounds which is created by collaging various sound artifacts including those from nature, soundscapes and samples. he later uses sound programming technqiues to create a distinct soundscape, which is centred on electronic ambient music


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live sets

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