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by creating a niche streaming platform within the realm of ambient and instrumental music, we'll be leveraging the situation by enabling a more dedicated fanbase, community ; thereby exponentially increasing artist to fan reach as well as significantly increase royalties 

optimised signal analysis and processing codecs for high fidelity streaming

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reach audiences globally,

stay connected to fans

since it’s inception in 2020, reset have featured artists across the world focussing predominantly on crossover ambient styles, trying not to limit ourselves to any one genre. listening to our music is the best way to get to know us!

our artist lineup and releases

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by fundamentally changing the way an artist is valued with our time based metric royalty scheme we're looking to reshape the streaming landscape

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making royalties more fair and equitable: following the footsteps of Tidal, pioneer of fan-centric royalty

did you know that today artists are paid from a massive royalty "pool", based on the aggregate listening patterns across all subscribers for the month?


it’s time to relook at how these are calculated

in a fan-centric approach, royalties are allocated to the specific artists a fan streams, rather than the artist's proportional share of an aggregate pool.

time based royalty scheme

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expand ambient music consciousness, community and culture with us

‘Artist’ retain the copyrights or ownership of the contents, the Company acts as a distributor, distributing the contents on behalf of the ‘Artist’ with royalties as stipulated. that means the tracks you submit can be submitted elsewhere to other libraries, platforms, services or opportunities.

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-our emphasis is towards artists, collaborators, sound designers, record labels actively pursuing ambient and instrumental music 

-we are open to reviewing all music that falls into the instrumental, classical music, orchestral music, film scores, field recordings, soundscapes, electroacoustic, music concrète,
avant-garde experimental, ambient, drone, electronic, industrial, IDM, drum'n'bass, 
techno or other DIY instruments, and/or any genre under the sun, you name it

-although the experimental music we review may contain subdued vocals, it is better defined as texture-based, rather than lyric-based approach. (maybe present as a backdrop, not as the centrepiece) 


reset will be curating, assembling and publishing the albums/EPs/singles from the submission. if the contents you submit make it on the streaming platform, you’ll be notified for the same via email notification. 

as a startup recognized & certified by the Department For Promotion of Industry And Internal Trade (DPIIT), under the #startupindia scheme, reset networks (OPC) private limited is an early stage platform for new developments in music technology. 

while other services (exception: apple music) pay some independent labels a substantially lower rate than they pay major labels, we'll have the same royalty scheme for all labels. this means artists can distribute music however they like, knowing reset will have the same flat royalty scheme.
sign with a label or stay independent; we care about music

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